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After a long struggle against bubonic plague, Astra Weir mourns the death of her son.

In an act of despair and consumed by sadness, Astra takes her little one to the most hated beings in the city:

The witches.

Accused of causing the plague, summoning demons and the disappearance of children, they are feared by all for their ability to cast powerful spells.

Astra is willing to risk it all for one of those spells:

The resurrection.

Around a bonfire, between dark chants and demonic dances, the ritual is interrupted by the witch hunters.

Astra is captured and imprisoned in the dungeons.

Now, she can only hope to meet her son soon, dying like a witch.

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IAmNotAWitch v0.1.2

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I tried this and 17 other entries from the scream jam. #14 in the video.
IAmNotAWitch is definitely too dark though ^^

You forgot to pick up the torch ;)

Thans for playing :)

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I think I may have discovered a bug? I'm at a point where I've saved ~5 witches and I have one door key and another that I could pick up if my hands were free, and there is a set of double doors that won't open, and I can't find another place to go.  It's right after the note that begins "Only witches can cast spells." Normally I'd give up, but I'm REALLY enjoying this game so far. Can you at least tell me if I'm missing something?

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It is not a bug (I think). There is one more key, but it just appear when you save all the witches. It is in the hallway opposite the door you can't open.

There is one more level. The story continues ;)

I'm glad that you liked it.

Thank you :)

Sorry. You are right. It is a bug :(

After the voting ends, I will fix it.